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Airtek as a Food Dehydrator Machine Manufacturing Company Exporting to Russia

Airtek is one of the leading food dehydrator manufacturers in mainland China, Over 8years in the manufacturing industry our team of expert engineers never ceases to improve the machine quality and production capacity. Using the updated technology we strive to continually prove high-quality food dryers, heat pumps, dehydrators, and dehumidifiers catering to the drying need of your company.

Our food dehydrating machines are in demand in many countries around the world, and continuously producing for countries like Russia, Not only do we sell our dehydrators to Russian industry competitively we are also assured they will live to their Russian standards. We have medium to large industrial clients all over Russia mainly in Moscow and other nearby countries.

Airtek Topline Food Dehydrator

Here is some Airtek of the heat pump Food Drying Machine. Highly efficient and automated drying system that can expedite your work and drying time.

About Airtek Heat Pump Dryer & Food Dehydrator USA

Airtek Energy Systems Limited is abbreviated as “Airtek.” It is a well-known professional food dehydrator manufacturer that mainly deals with developing, producing, selling, and after-sales of heat pump dryer products and providing new green energy with integrated drying and dehumidification solutions.

Airtek Fruit, Vegetable, and Meat Dryer Machines

Airtek’s product philosophy base on concentration and specialization of research and development; We devote all of our resources to making dryers that benefit people from all walks of life. Fruit dryer machines that are “professional, innovative, and customized” are available in our dream-making sector.

Our lifelong pursuit of promoting drying technology is to overcome environmental pollution and energy-consuming problems caused by other heat materials, such as boilers and electric heating machines. In China, Airtek has a complete chain of industrial heat pump dryer products.

Materials Airtek Dehydrator Can Dry

These materials can be Dried using the ordinary Heat Pump Dryer or the Conveyor Belt Type Dehydrator.

Small Fish Drying Machine

Small Fish Drying Machine

Small Fish Drying Machine / Small Fish Dehydrator Do you need a small fish drying machine that preserves the nutritional values of the fish its texture and its taste? The nutritional value of dagaa is similar to that of small pelagic fish in the ocean because they...

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