Pepper is a tropical spice crop that likes high temperatures and high humidity. It is planted in Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Africa in Southeast Asia. The picking period can last for about 50 days. The whole plant can be picked repeatedly. It is an economy crop with a good yield. Pepper is used to making black pepper and white pepper.

This article will share the steps and essentials of using a heat pump dryer to dry black pepper and white pepper.


  • Fresh pepper
  • Pepper drying system (pepper dryer machine, insulated and enclosed drying room, hot air circulation system, PLC control panel, automatic dehumidification system)
  • Drying trolleys and trays


  1. The production process of black pepper is simpler than that of white pepper. You only need to soak the pepper fruit in boiling water for 5-6 minutes, remove the water, dry it and rub the dried black and brown pepper fruit’s skin. The production of black pepper is completed. If it is dried in the sun, it will take about 5 days in fine weather.
  2. Drying is an essential step in making pepper seasoning. The pepper shape is tiny. It is easy to produce impurities during picking and sun exposure, or uneven drying, which will cause the pepper to regain moisture and mold, which affects its quality. The heat pump pepper dryer allows the pepper grains to receive the circulating air that flows evenly in the airtight drying room. The intelligent PLC temperature and humidity control device of the drying room accepts instructions to perform precise heating and dehumidification treatment and timely remove the pepper fruit in the body. The water is taken away and discharged. The drying temperature is 50-65℃, and the drying is carried out in stages. When the black pepper changes from green-yellow to dark brown, the drying is thorough and uniform, and the moisture content is controlled within 12%.
  3. The drying quality of pepper directly affects the quality and taste of pepper. As an excellent seasoning spice, pepper contains special ingredients piperine and pepper oil, which has stomachic and antipyretic effects and has analgesic effects. , Antioxidant, insecticide, and other aspects, is a veritable spice king!
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