Cassava Drying for Longer Shelf Life

Cassava Drying is important to prolong the shelf life of the starchy product. Airtek Cassava Drying Machine / Dehydrator has a precise & fully automated drying process keeping the right amount of moisture, texture & taste.

What is a Cassava?

Cassava is a 1.5-3 meter long tuber with a cylindrical shape root crop that blooms from September to November. It’s a Brazilian native that’s now grown all over the world in tropical climates. It is grown in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, and other Chinese provinces, as well as in the wild. Cassava root tubers are high in starch, which is one of the raw materials used to make industrial starch.

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Actual Process of Preparing the Cassava for Drying

  • A set of cassava drying units (host + drying room)
  • A batch of stainless steel material trucks
  • A batch of fresh cassava
traditional wolfberry dryin air drying

Cleaning the Cassava for Drying

1. Pick a batch of fresh cassava, select the cassava that meets the processing standards, and try to choose the cassava with full shape and long rhizome.

traditional wolfberry dryin air drying

Cutting The Cassava Into the Right Sizes

2. Wash the cassava slices you want to use and slice them using a slicer. Pay close attention to the slice thickness, which should be kept within 4mm to improve the cassava’s internal moisture evaporation area and shorten the drying time.

traditional wolfberry dryin air drying

Place the Cassava Into Batches and Trays

3. Place the sliced cassava chips evenly on the rack of the stainless steel material cart, making sure they’re even. The cassava chips should not be thicker than 3 cm.

traditional wolfberry dryin air drying

Putting them into the Dehydrator and Setting the Right Temperature.

4. Push the cassava-filled material truck into the drying room, set the dryer host’s operating parameters, such as running time, temperature, humidity, and so on, and start the equipment. Cassava should not be dried at too high a temperature; it can be divided into various zones, and the drying time can be raised at a consistent rate. It can be configured to just dry without dehumidification 2 hours before the equipment is turned on. The drying and dehumidification treatments begin after the relative humidity in the drying room reaches 80 percent.


After about 20 hours of continuous drying, the cassava is dehydrated to about 15%, and the material truck is pushed out of the drying room. The internal color of the cassava chips is white and slightly yellow, and the cassava chips are hard to hold, indicating that the cassava has been dried. Up.

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