Fast production of Charcoal Drying through Heat pump dryers.

Charcoal Drying can be done in both traditional ways but nowadays we are considering using heat pump dryers in drying charcoal. By using a heat pump dryer the production of dried charcoal can multiply into 4times of that traditional way of drying.

The air-energy charcoal dryer for the production of charcoal and environmentally friendly charcoal has the following advantages:

  • One-button smart LCD display, easily set different drying temperatures with high-precision sensors. The intelligent controller developed by sole proprietorship and consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, the unit runs automatically without manual turning; there is no need for special personnel to supervise such as coal-fired boilers.
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  • Industrial use is safer. During the drying process, the finished products of industrial products such as charcoal, shaped charcoal, and cosmetic cotton are not deformed or cracked. Using electrical separation technology, there is no danger of electric shock, leakage, flammability, fire, and explosion.
  • Environmental protection and pollution-free, no coal, no firewood, no oil, no steam, easy operation, no need for safety supervision procedures.
  • Regarding the setting of the dryer for charcoal and environmentally friendly charcoal, the drying process of the barbecue charcoal dryer: the drying temperature can be divided into two stages, first the temperature is set to 55℃, relative humidity is 10%, and the second stage is set to 65℃ and relative humidity. 10%.

    Barbecue charcoal dryer components: a. Air energy heat pump drying dehumidifier b. Polyurethane foam insulation warehouse (customized), the original drying room can be used. c. Circulating insulation air duct (supply air + return air) d. Forced hot air circulation fan e. Fully automatic intelligent control system f. High-efficiency secondary waste heat recovery and dehumidification device.

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Jinaojun believes that based on the application of air energy heat pump technology, air energy drying technology will be used in environmentally friendly charcoal, charcoal, shaped charcoal, lost foam, water-based paint, paper tray, paper tube, cotton pad, paint baking room, furniture Drying rooms, paper tubes, honeycomb activated carbon and other industrial products play a greater role in the drying process.

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Here is some Airtek of the heat pump Food Drying Machine. Highly efficient and automated drying system that can expedite your work and drying time.

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