Bulk pulp, forming, drying, shaping, thorough inspection, packaging, and transportation are the basic steps in the paper tray production process. The importance of drying cannot be overstated. We will now apply air energy to paper tray dryers with the use of heat pump dryers, which are more ecologically friendly, energy-efficient, and pollution-free, and will ensure the quality of each batch of industrial paper trays.

Bulk pulp: Put the selected raw materials into the bulk pulp bucket, first put in an appropriate amount of water, add the yellow card paper and core paper to disperse together, and then add the waterproofing agent (please control the concentration at about 6%). Add appropriate amount of water to the dispersed pulp to achieve the pulp concentration. Check the pulp fiber (concentration is about 1%) for each pulping pool.

Forming: Fix the mold on the upper and lower templates with clamps. Turn on the slurry pump and set slurry suction (10S)/dehydration time (25S). The first mold product will be self-checked to see if the wet weight of the product is qualified, check whether the product has foreign objects, cracks, defects, light transmission, etc., and gently place the good product on the grid.

Drying: Turn on the air-energy paper tray dryer, and the dryer will automatically turn on the circulating fan unit and air-energy drying unit to dry the industrial paper trays in the drying room. The drying temperature, time and dehumidification time of the industrial paper tray can be preset. Send the paper tray products that need to be dried. The machine will automatically shut down after the drying time is reached. The dried products are weighed and checked, and the qualified products are carefully stacked on the fork plate.

The basic process of the paper tray production process is bulk pulp, forming, drying, shaping and full inspection, packaging and shipment. Drying is a very important link. We will now use air-energy paper tray dryers, which are more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and pollution-free, and the quality of each batch of industrial paper trays will be more guaranteed.

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