A packaging tool used to hold eggs, duck eggs, and other eggs is known as an egg tray. Its primary purpose is to absorb shock and make transportation and carrying easier. According to the varied manufacturing materials, it can be split into pulp egg trays, plastic egg trays, etc., according to the number of eggs in it, it can be divided into single egg trays and tray egg trays. Among these, the pulp egg tray is primarily constructed of recycled paper pulp and crushed by a forming machine. Because of its easy production process, low cost and no environmental impact, it is a form of green packaging consumables. Most of the pulp egg trays now on the market are tray-mounted egg trays.

air dry egg tray dryer

Using the egg tray dryer based on air energy technology, it has the characteristics of intelligent control, no need for manual duty, and low overall drying and processing costs. We share data from a case project in Zhanjiang. This project uses a 6-piece egg tray air dryer, which can dry and produce 1,000 egg trays. It takes about 3 hours to complete a production batch. The average drying cost of each egg tray is only 1.8 cents. A production batch only costs about 18 yuan.

paper tray drying

When actually processing the pulp egg tray, the process of drying the pulp egg tray pressed by the molding machine is very important, which directly affects the processing quality of the pulp egg tray. Nowadays, in order to increase the output of egg trays and reduce production costs, the air energy heat pump egg tray dryer just solves this series of problems.

It takes a short time to dry the egg tray, and the form of a drying tunnel can be considered. All-round three-dimensional hot air ensures that the egg tray can be dried in a short time. The freshly formed egg tray has high water content, and the wet egg tray is sent into a long drying tunnel and moves slowly on the conveyor belt. The speed of movement can be controlled by frequency conversion. The hot air generated by the heat pump dryer helps them remove the moisture from their bodies and realizes the automatic drying process of egg trays.

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