Dried fish is made by fully drying fresh fish. Dried defatted fish is made from high-quality fresh fish, refined through high-temperature cooking, drying and other procedures, and all indicators meet the national standards.

Dried fish is very common in Chinese style. Because some are farther from the sea, it is more difficult to eat fresh sea fish. Basically, it can be said that it is impossible. Therefore, people who want to eat fish can only dry the fish. Dried fish is transported to certain places, because dried fish is more durable than fresh fish and is easy to transport. Moreover, dried fish has a unique taste and taste, which is also loved by the general public.

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Dried fish drying process:

1. Sectioning: According to the size of the fish, three forms: back section, abdominal section and abdominal side section are used. Back cut, generally used for fish with big meat and thick meat. When cutting, insert the knife from the second scale under the dorsal fin of the fish. When the knife reaches the skull of the fish, make a slight incision in the middle of the skull. Remove the internal organs and tooth piers, and gently scrape off the blood stains on the spine and the black mucous membranes in the abdomen with a razor blade. If the fish body is large, swallow knives, clamp knives, and slice knives should be used under the spine and on the other side of the flesh to make the salt water easier to penetrate. For fish with small meat and thin flesh, laparotomy can be used. That is, the knife is inserted in the middle of the fish belly, and the two pieces are cut symmetrically. The abdominal section can be cut under the midline of the fish body, up to the periphery of the fish eye, and down to the anus of the tail. After the cut, the internal organs are removed.

2. Washing: After cutting, before the blood coagulates, use a brush to wash away blood stains and mucus in clean water one by one, put it in the basket, and drain the water.

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