Egg Trays Drying Machine

Energy Saver Egg Tray Drying Machine

A packaging tool used to hold eggs, duck eggs, and other eggs is known as an egg tray. Its primary purpose is to absorb shock and make transportation and carrying easier. According to the varied manufacturing materials, it can be split into pulp egg trays, plastic egg...

General Knowledge for The Most Common Drying Material

General Drying Machine It's always difficult to maintain its taste when drying something without control. Just like there a ways you need to know on how to dry different kinds of material be precise on its moisture reduction to keep that sweetness. There are many...

Egg Tray Drying / Industrial Paper Tray Drying Process

Bulk pulp, forming, drying, shaping, thorough inspection, packaging, and transportation are the basic steps in the paper tray production process. The importance of drying cannot be overstated. We will now apply air energy to paper tray dryers with the use of heat pump...

How Egg Tray Drying Machine Works

The pulping system, shaping system, and drying system are all part of the egg tray manufacturing machine. The manufacturing method of egg tray involves raw material pulping- ingredient- mold forming- drying- packing. Water and waste paper are used as the basic materials for the egg tray. After mold making, the semi-finished egg tray must be dried by an egg tray drying line since it contains a lot of water. The egg tray can then be packed and transported after drying.

Semi-automatic, automatic, and metal dryers are available for the egg tray machine dryer. People must first arrange semi-finished egg trays in the semi-automatic dryer. The semi-finished egg trays are then transported by cart for drying. The semi-dryer is appropriate for small egg tray machine. The autonomous egg tray drier equipment can dry semi-finished egg trays without the need for human intervention. The automatic dryer has a brick-built 40-meter drying line. It is mainly powered by coal or diesel.

The advantage of brick drying line is durable and easy maintenance. The metal egg tray drying machine is made of metal which can be assembled by our company. The metal drying line has small floor space and muti-layer dryer which always uses the diesel and natural gas as its fuel.

How to Pick the Best Dryer for Your Egg Carton Maker

With more consumers becoming environmentally conscious, recyclable packaging is projected to drive global food packaging trends in the future years. Indeed, according to The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies’ Global Packaging Trends Report 2017, a rising percentage of consumers will opt for sustainable packaging solutions in 2018. As a result, egg carton producers and packaging development experts are turning to novel recyclable materials including paper pulp, polylactic acid (PLA), plant-based plastics, bagasse, and other recycled materials to create environmentally friendly packaging.

Over the past decade, molded pulp packaging is proven to be an attractive and environment-friendly alternative to polystyrene foam, vacuum-formed PET, and PVC, notably in the poultry market. Because of their delicate nature, eggs require particular packing to safeguard them from tainting, moisture loss, environmental deterioration, and damage during transportation. Because molded pulp egg cartons are created from waste paper goods including paperboard, newspaper, and other post-consumer and post-industrial waste, they are 100 percent recyclable. Furthermore, molded pulp packaging is great for packing eggs since it provides superior protection and cushioning to the delicate contents.

Airtek conveyor type drying line accepts wet egg cartons automatically, dries them, and then collects the finished product. The system runs on coal, diesel, and natural gas, and the dryer is constructed of bricks and metal. The majority of automatic egg carton drying tunnels are 40 meters or longer in length. As a result, it’s perfect for mass-production of molded egg cartons. In comparison to its semi-automated counterpart, the automatic transportation of egg cartons speeds up the production process. Furthermore, because the drying process is totally automated, labor costs are cheap.

When selecting a dryer for your egg carton machine, keep in mind that the drying speed must match the speed of your egg carton machine. Hence choosing the proper dryer type is crucial to the production efficiency and the quality of the egg cartons. Here are three things to think about so you can make an informed decision and get the most return on your investment.

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