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Abalone Drying Machine | Abalone Dryer

Drying your Abalone for a nice seafood recipe. Have you ever wondered how are your dried abalone is made? By using Airtek food dehydrator, known as the best food dryer circulating in the market to date you can able abalone drying easily. Regulating enough heat keeps...

Seaweed Drying Machine | Seaweed Dryer Dehydrator

Step by Step process in Seaweed drying. The Airtek seaweed drying machine is made to international standards and is ideal for small and medium-scale operations. The smallest type can be managed by just one person, and it does not require any installation; it may be...

General Knowledge for The Most Common Drying Material

General Drying Machine It's always difficult to maintain its taste when drying something without control. Just like there a ways you need to know on how to dry different kinds of material be precise on its moisture reduction to keep that sweetness. There are many...

Drying Fish Techniques, Fish Drying Machine & Fish Dehydrator

Fish drying is usually required to be done at a moderate temperature to avoid excessive temperatures harming the fish’s quality after it has been dried. Fats and oils contain the moisture present in fish. Managing the rate of dehydration is crucial, as it is difficult to control in other fish drying machine. Because rapid drying will deteriorate the fish’s drying quality, the drying time must be extended.

All types of freshwater and marine fish can be dried with the Airtek heat pump fish dehydrator. It dries fish at low and middle temperatures, which allows the fish to dry more quickly. The nutritional value of dried fish remains unaffected. The fish’s aroma is kept, and the taste is improved.

Methods in fish Drying

It is possible to preserve fish’s original nutrition by drying it. Dried fish is a completely natural product that retains the protein, antioxidant, and omega-3 fatty acid benefits of fresh fish, which helps to minimize the occurrence of heart attacks and maintain healthy circulation. Dehydration also suppresses microbial development and slows the enzymatic process that causes fish rotting, resulting in a concentrated fish. All of this translates to long-term storage and easy movement.

Drying fish can help to preserve its inherent nutritional value. Fish that has been dried retains the protein, antioxidant, and omega-3 fatty acid benefits of fresh fish, reducing the risk of heart attacks and maintaining good circulation. Dehydration also delays the enzymatic process that causes fish rotting and suppresses microbial proliferation, resulting in a concentrated fish. Thus, long-term storage is possible, as well as convenient movement.

Sun drying is the traditional method of drying fish, however it is restricted by the weather, and drying takes a long time in bad weather. If the environment is dirty, it will have an impact on product prices and market demand.

Machine Dried – Because of its well-designed sealed circulation system and automatic temperature control function, current methods, particularly the Airtek heat pump dryer, which is increasingly important in today’s fish drying, are utilized in industries.

The fish drying machine’s technical characteristics.

1. Save money by using a near dehumidification + circulating drying system.
Low noise, no waste gas and waste heat pollution
2. PLC + Touch Screen, easy to use; can set various drying curves; suitable for drying a variety of materials.
3. Technology for reusing waste heat (patent)
The heat efficiency is great and energy is saved when an air to air heat exchanger is used to dehumidify and recover waste heat at the same time.
4. Inside the oven, there are adjustable air distribution plates thanks to the forced ventilation mechanism. The materials can all be dried in the same way.
5. The temperature is set at 10-75°C, with a maximum of 75°C.
6. The dimensions and materials of the backing plate can be customized to meet the needs of the customer.
7. The material does not craze, does not deform, is non-discoloring, never degenerates, does not oxidize, is thoroughly dried, with good rehydration, and retains its nutrient content while drying.
8. Automatic intelligent control, 24-hour continuous drying, and safe and reliable functioning
An operation that is stable and unaffected by the weather

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