Fish Drying Technique

Heat Pump Dryer Fish Dryer or Fish Drying Machine

Hairtail, yellow croaker, and other sea fishes are examples of marine fish. Marine fish is particularly nutrient-dense, with higher levels of minerals and vitamins than freshwater fish. DHA (also known as brain gold) is a substance found in marine fish that is not...

General Knowledge for The Most Common Drying Material

General Drying Machine It's always difficult to maintain its taste when drying something without control. Just like there a ways you need to know on how to dry different kinds of material be precise on its moisture reduction to keep that sweetness. There are many...

Fish Drying Machine / Industrial Drying Drying Process

Dried fish is made by fully drying fresh fish. Dried defatted fish is made from high-quality fresh fish, refined through high-temperature cooking, drying and other procedures, and all indicators meet the national standards. Dried fish is very common in Chinese style....

Small Fish Drying Machine

Small Fish Drying Machine / Small Fish Dehydrator Do you need a small fish dryer machine that preserves the nutritional values of the fish its texture and its taste? The nutritional value of dagaa is similar to that of small pelagic fish in the ocean because they...

Learn the right way of fish drying with Airtek Heat Pump Food Dryer/ Dehydrator. Retain the exact amount of moisture & keep the flavor by using the right combination of temperature and time.

Drying is the removal of water from fish. Normally the term ‘drying’ implies the removal of water by evaporation but water can be removed by other methods: for example, the action of salt and the application of pressure will remove water from fish. Since water is essential for the activity of all living organisms its removal will slow down, or stop, microbiological or autolytic activity and can thus be used as a method of preservation.

Where drying has evolved as a traditional method of preserving fish, the action of the sun and wind is used to effect evaporative drying. In recent times, the controlled artificial dehydration of fish has been developed in some industrialized countries so that fish drying can be carried out regardless of weather conditions.

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