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The Efficacy of Garlic

1. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer

Garlic can effectively protect the liver, effectively block the synthesis of nitrite in the body, and prevent the production of liver cancer. In addition, the selenium and germanium contained in garlic can inhibit malignant tumors.

2. Strong sterilization

The sulfur compounds contained in garlic have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can inhibit and kill various cocci, bacilli, fungi, and viruses. Among the natural plants discovered so far, garlic is one of the strongest antibacterial effects. Kind.

3. Lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes

Garlic can promote insulin secretion, increase the absorption of glucose by tissue cells, and rapidly reduce blood sugar levels. It can also kill various germs that cause diabetes due to infection, thereby effectively preventing and treating diabetes.

Dried garlic products are mainly divided into dehydrated garlic slices, garlic powder, and garlic granules.


Process Steps to Dry in a Garlic Drying Machine


Let’s introduce the processing technology of the Garlic Drying Machine today:


1. The processing of selecting raw fresh garlic includes five steps: selecting materials, cutting the stems, removing the epidermis and dividing the cloves, peeling the garlic cloves, and selecting. The selection of materials requires manual operation. Pour the garlic on the garlic selection table, pick out the insect-eaten and moldy garlic heads one by one, and eliminate them. The garlic that is too small must be removed in the selection process because the garlic is too small. After the slicing process, the area of ​​the garlic slice is also small, which affects the quality of the finished product.

2. The selection of materials requires manual operation. Pour the garlic on the garlic selection table, pick out the insect-eaten and moldy garlic heads one by one, and eliminate them. The garlic that is too small must be removed in the selection process because the garlic is too small. After the slicing process, the area of the garlic slice is also small, which affects the quality of the finished product. This process needs to be completed with the help of a splitter and a blower. After cutting the stalks, the garlic is poured into the elevator and sent to the splitting machine through the conveyor belt. The splitting machine uses the rubbing force generated by the upper and lower two rubber belts of different speeds to remove the garlic. Divide into garlic cloves.

3. After splitting, the garlic cloves and the outer skin are mixed, so how do separate them? The blower generates powerful wind. Because the specific gravity of garlic cloves is larger than garlic skin, that is to say, garlic cloves are heavier and have lighter outer skin. The skin can be removed by wind. The garlic skins that have not been removed must be picked out manually.

4. The divided garlic cloves are also attached to a layer of garlic skin. This layer of garlic skin and garlic meat is very tight and needs to be removed before processing. The method adopts a dry stripping process. The so-called dry stripping process is to use a dry stripping machine. The skin of the garlic clove is heated. When the garlic meat and the garlic skin begin to loosen, use high-pressure gas to directly blow off the garlic clove’s coat and the transparent membrane attached to the garlic clove.

5. Turn on the power of the peeling machine and set the working pressure and temperature of the peeling machine. The specific settings of these two indicators are very critical and need to be based on long-term practical experience. Generally, there is a designated range, and the working pressure is 9-11 kg. Force/per square centimeter, the temperature is 45-50 ℃. When the pressure and temperature rise to the specified range, pour the garlic cloves into the peeling machine. After closing the lid, turn on the work switch, and the peeling machine will automatically peel off the garlic. To ensure the quality of the product, peeled garlic cloves must be selected.

6. Selection is to pick out the moldy, saccharified garlic cloves. The garlic cloves that have not been removed should also be picked out and peeled again. After processing the above steps, the garlic cloves finally revealed the smooth and crystal garlic meat, and the processing of the dried products can be said to have completed the basic part. The actual processing of dehydrated garlic slices is about to be entered below.

7. After  peeling and selecting garlic cloves, dirt, and dust inevitably adhere to them. Before dehydration, these garlic clove brothers must be thoroughly washed and bathed. Put the garlic cloves into the washing machine, and rub the garlic cloves continuously with air bubbles, the dust on the garlic cloves is washed away, the garlic skin floats on the water, and the garlic cloves will sink, use a fence to remove the garlic skin. The rear part of the washing machine is equipped with multiple high-pressure water spray nozzles, and the high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzles further cleans the appearance of the garlic cloves. The method is: to put the garlic cloves in a sodium hypochlorite solution with a concentration of 150-200PPM, the water temperature is 10 ℃, and the garlic cloves should be completely immersed in the disinfectant. The disinfection time is about 1 hour. The sterilized garlic cloves should be washed with clean water, and the water can be drained to prepare for slicing. The slicing is to enhance the

8. Pour the garlic cloves into the elevator and send them to the feed opening of the slicer via the conveyor belt. The number of garlic cloves is manually controlled. The principle is: to add a small amount of garlic frequently. The garlic cloves are sliced in the slicer. The slicer blade must be sharp, the knife plate rotates smoothly, and the speed is generally 80-100 revolutions per minute. The thickness of the garlic slices should be even and flat. The thickness of the garlic slices is 1.5-1.8 mm, and the surface is smooth. , No triangular slices, no fragments, otherwise after drying, the thick garlic slices will turn yellow, and the thin garlic slices will be fragile, which will affect the quality of the finished product.

9. The cut garlic slices enter the bubble cleaning machine again for cleaning, and the mucus and sugar on the surface of the garlic slices are cleaned by rubbing the bubbles. The cleaning time is 3 minutes, and the water temperature is kept at about 10 ℃.

10. After cleaning the garlic slices, use a centrifuge to dry the water attached to the surface of the garlic slices to shorten the drying time. Speaking of which, you would wonder if the centrifugal force generated by the centrifuge will throw the scattered garlic slices everywhere. This problem was solved by the masters of the processing plant with a straightforward method. When the garlic slices were cleaned, they used a water-permeable gauze bag to pack the garlic slices and then put the whole bag into the centrifuge. It solves the problem of garlic flakes flying randomly and protects the appearance of the garlic flakes and reduces the labor intensity, which is really killing three birds with one stone. The number of garlic slices put into the centrifuge each time is 25-30 kg, the centrifuge speed is about 1200 revolutions per minute, and the drying time is 30 seconds. The garlic slices can be dried after being dried.

11. Dehydrated garlic slices are dried using a dedicated heat pump dryer. The specific method is: Spread the garlic slices evenly in the grid plate of the dryer, insert the grid plate into the material truck, push the material truck into the drying room, and turn on the host. During the drying process in the garlic dryer, the temperature should be controlled between 55~75 ℃, and the drying time should be 10~12 hours. The standard of dried garlic slices is normal slice shape, white color, and moisture content of 4 to 5%. There are still some garlic skins in the dried garlic slices. At this time, the peeling operation should be carried out by winnowing.

12. The dried garlic slices have a slight difference in water content due to their uneven size. To achieve moisture consistency, a moisture balance is required. Put the dried garlic slices into a plastic bag, tie the bag’s mouth, put it on the shelf, and leave it for about 3 days.



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