Herb drying as medicinal materials can be used as raw materials for medications, particularly Chinese medicinal materials, which can be unprocessed or completed.

Traditional Chinese medicine in China has a long history and is both broad and deep. It is an important aspect of China’s wonderful culture and contains the unique cultural phenomena of the fusion of Chinese and Western developed by China’s thousands of years of traditional and herbal medical civilization and current Western medical civilization.

Modern technology development herbal drying for medicinal material drying machine and Chinese herb drying machine was conceived, leading to new developments in the field of medicinal material processing and production.

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Traditional Chinese medicine: Chinese medicinal materials generally pay attention to authentic medicinal materials. Authentic medicinal materials refer to medicinal materials produced in regions with specific natural conditions and ecological environments. Due to its concentrated production, cultivation, harvesting, and processing techniques, the quality and efficacy of its medicinal materials are better than similar medicinal materials in other regions.

Folk medicine: Also known as herbal medicine, it refers to the local custom of using herbal medicine. It is not recorded in natural medicine, and it is generally based on plants.

National medicines: refer to natural medicines customarily used in ethnic minority areas or recorded in ethnic minority medical literature.

herb drying for medicinal purposes

Some individuals refer to well-known, high-quality, and authentic Chinese medicinal materials that are traditionally known and come from certain production areas. Its essence is that the quality of medicinal ingredients is good, as evidenced by doctors and patients who have used them for a long time.

There are artificial, relative, and imprecise qualities in the classification standards of authentic Chinese medicinal materials, which are mostly generated from practical experience. The scientific method underlying the production of quality in authentic Chinese medicinal materials is still unknown, as are the causes. The quality of the same medicin varies greatly depending on the place of origin.

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