We all use dried herbs in food preparation and for other purposes. Herbs are used as spices in food and also for medicinal purposes. There are various ways of drying the herbs such as hanging the herbs to dry naturally, putting them in the oven to dry them, or using an industrial dehydrator to dry them when you have a massive amount of product to dry. Herbs are beneficial but using them without drying them makes them less efficient. You might have heard of many herbs such as basil, dill, bay, lavender, etc. Let’s discuss the various herbs that are used after dehydrating them.

    1. Bay

Bay leaves are used in small amounts, and they are removed once the flavor is infused into the dish. They have a menthol-like fragrance and taste, turning into a tannin back note if they are simmered for long enough. Bay leaves are pretty dry when they fall off, but they are still used after dehydration.

    1. Dill

Dill leaves are tangy and have a pleasant fragrance. The seeds have a delicious taste, which can help you flavor cucumber into pickles. When you have them in massive amounts, it is helpful to dry them with a dehydrator.

    1. Lavender

Lavender is used for many purposes, from oil to essence to room fragrance. Lavender is used in many food dishes. Not only in food dishes but lavender is also used in drinks. To dry the massive amounts of lavender, you should utilize a herb dehydrator.

    1. Lemon Balm

There are multiple plants that have lemony fragrances, such as lemon verbena or lemongrass; however, lemon balm is easiest to dry and use. Moreover, it holds onto its authentic flavor. Lemon balm harvested before flowering provides the best concentration for oils and the best flavors. These leaves dry best in an herb dehydrator, and once dried, these leaves make the best tea.

    1. Oregano

Dried oregano tastes better than when it is a fresh leaf. When the oregano leaves are dried, they lose the bitter and hot qualities and become stronger with scent. This one is the favorite of all; we all like oregano on our pizza or pasta, or other food dishes.

    1. Rosemary

Rosemary is an herb that mellows out when it is dried, which makes it lose the overwhelmingly pine-like solid scent. Rosemary is usually used in small amounts while cooking a dish.

    1. Thyme

Thyme is one of the few popular herbs that many people use in cooking. Thyme is used in significant quantity. When dried, thyme retains its oils, fragrance, and flavor.

Various herbs used in cooking are first dehydrated for multiple reasons, such as enhancing their fragrance or flavors. When drying the herbs in bulks, you need an herb dehydrator. There are many dehydrators for food, vegetables, herbs, essence, fruits, seafood, etc. If you are looking to buy an herb dehydrator, you can contact us or visit our website, check out the various dehydrators available, and choose the one that suits your requirements. Dehydrators make drying food, herbs, etc., much more manageable and easier.

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