How are Industrial Type Drying Rooms/ Dehumidification Chambers Created?

With the rise of air energy dryers, previous sun drying (bad material quality, high labor cost) and electric heat pump drying (high power consumption and high cost) are no longer comparable to air energy drying. disadvantage.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, seafood, and other items are dried with an air energy heat pump dryer to keep their natural color and nutrients before drying, paving the way for future drying of fruits and vegetables, Chinese medicinal materials, and seafood. The choice is unavoidable. So, how do you build the most important drying room for air drying? What is the drying room’s cost and budget?

how to create a drying chamber

Process of Building an Airtight Drying Chamber

The construction of an air energy drying chamber is a methodical process. According to the drying materials, different numbers of dryers must be selected, and the size of the drying room must be chosen according to the drying scale. As a result, to create a professional air energy drying solution for the drying room, a professional air energy dryer manufacturer is required. To this goal, the following specific information about the drying place is required:

1. There is enough installation area, usually the whole system covers an area ≥ 1.2 times that of the drying room.

2, must have a good thermal insulation effect.

3. The system is connected as air duct and medium pipe. Except in special cases, no water pipes and pumps are required.

paper tray drying

4. A suitable air energy heat pump dryer is required. It is recommended to configure with higher power, or one more spare machine.

5. Materials such as polyurethane panels, drying trays or carts for the construction of air drying rooms.

6. The labor cost of building the drying room

After the materials of the drying room are ready, how should the core air energy dryer be selected? The power selection of the air energy heat pump host is related to the moisture content of the materials to be dried, and it is also related to the size of the drying room. This determines that the drying object, drying process, drying material weight, and single-time needs must be considered in the calculation. drying time, etc.

The moisture evaporation of the drying material is equal to the weight of the drying material and the warm material (ton) – the weight of the finished material (ton);

The temperature removal rate (%) is equal to (the weight of the dried object and the warm object – the weight of the finished object) ÷ the weight of the dried object and the warm object × 100%;

For the convenience of calculation, a constant is determined comprehensively: the power consumption of the dryer per kilogram of water evaporated is 2500 KW.S/kg;

Heat required for water evaporation (kW) = calorific value ÷ required drying time (h) × 3600 (S);

The required power of the dryer (number of horses) = heat ÷ heating capacity (the dryer takes a constant 3.0);

According to the above formula, the approximate power of the air-energy heat pump dryer that needs to be configured can be simply calculated. However, when actually building an air-energy drying room, the drying scheme designer needs to make accurate calculations.

materials to use in a drying room

With the technical support and demand for a drying room, the cost of creating an air-energy drying room must be considered. Simply defined, it is to compute an account to determine whether the cost of the drying room is cost-effective or costly. So, what elements should be taken into account while creating an air dryer budget? The main expenses are air energy heat pump dryers, drying rooms, and manpower.

1. There are many factors that affect the price of air-energy heat pump dryers, such as the selected brand, whether it is an all-in-one machine, whether it includes tax, and express delivery fees. The reference price is about 50,000-80,000 yuan, which varies in different regions and brands.

2. For the polyurethane board required in the drying room, it is recommended to use a 10mm thermal insulation effect, and galvanized sheet is used for the interior. The price of polyurethane is generally around 150-210 yuan per square meter.

3. There are also auxiliary materials such as drying door, air duct, wrench, glass glue, etc. The estimated cost is about 3,000 to 5,000 yuan.

4. What has to be counted is the manual installation cost of the drying room.

Take Jin Aojun’s cooperation project in a preserved meat factory as an illustration. About 50 cubic meters of drying room with thermal insulation, drying time is 12 hours, 800 kg of waxed duck is dried into 400 kg of finished products, and three 5P air energy heat pump dryers from Jinaojun are used. Half a year later, he visited the general manager of the factory. He said that the drying efficiency of the Jinaojun heat pump dryer is high, and the drying quality of waxed duck is good.

I hope this article will be helpful to friends who want to switch from sun drying to electric heating drying.

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