Kiwi Fruit is Drying Machine

The kiwi fruit, often known as kiwi fruit, is an oval fruit with a high nutritional content. It’s high in kiwifruit base, proteolytic enzymes, organic matter, vitamin C, malic acid, as well as trace minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, and different amino acids. It is abundant in Shaanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, and other parts of my nation, and is known as the “King of Fruits.”

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The delicious taste of ripe kiwifruit is beneficial to one’s appearance, weight loss, and overall health. The vitamin C and dietary fiber content of kiwi fruit can aid digestion, detoxification, constipation prevention, and the removal of toxic metabolites from the body. The kiwi fruit, on the other hand, has a beneficial effect on diabetes.

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Preserved kiwi fruit production process

1. Material selection: Select intact and undamaged kiwifruit as raw materials.

2. Cleaning: After pruning, carefully clean the kiwi fruit with clean water to remove the mud.

3. Alkaline leaching: soak in 100℃ hot water for about 2 minutes with 20% sodium hydroxide solution.

4. Neutralization: Soak in hydrochloric acid water at room temperature of 25-30 °C for neutralization, and the ratio of hydrochloric acid to water is 1:100.

5. Rinse and peel: Put the kiwi fruit into the boiling sodium hydroxide solution with a concentration of 14% to 16%, soak it for about 40-60 seconds, pick it up when the peel is black, put it in a bamboo basket, go back and forth Shaking, rubbing off the peel, rinse the kiwi in clean water for at least 10 minutes and drain.

6. Slicing: Cut off both ends, peel off the peel, and cut into thin slices of about 4 mm.

7. Sulphur fumigation: For every 250 kilograms of raw materials, use 1 kilogram of sulphur for 4 hours.

8. Drying: set the drying temperature at 50-65 °C, and bake for about 24 hours until the water content reaches about 16%.

9. Packaging: In order to prevent the dried fruit from resurfacing and deteriorating, it should be sealed and packaged in a vacuum bag in time.

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