How to use an incense stick drying machine for this industry?

Drying is an essential process in the production of incense sticks. Especially in some areas with heavy rain weather, the drying of traditional large-scale drying yards is greatly restricted, resulting in incense sticks manufacturers cannot make orders and cannot do them. Energy-saving heat pump incense sticks drying machine solves the problem of drying on rainy days and solves the problems of environmental protection, energy-saving, and cost-saving in drying incense sticks or agarbatti. This article uses our large-scale incense sticks drying case to share how to dry the incense sticks to achieve a cost of less than 25.85 US dollars per ton?


Incense processing steps

1. Early stage of drying
Start the intelligent control system of the incense drying machine to control the temperature at 45℃ and the humidity at 60% for 5-6 hours.

2. The second stage of incense drying
The temperature rise of the drying is controlled at about 50℃, the humidity is 60%, and the time is about 12 hours.

3. The third stage of incense drying
Continue to increase the temperature and control it at about 55°C, humidity 40%, and dry for about 2 hours to obtain a dry finished product.

PeriodTemperatureDeviationHumidityDrying TimeWorking ModeDehumidifying Mode
One45°C3°C50%6 HoursDrying + DehumidifiyingDehumidifying
Two55°C3°C40%12 HoursDrying + DehumidifiyingDehumidifying
Three65°C3°C30%2 HoursDrying + DehumidifiyingDehumidifying
Four55°C3°C20%2 HoursDrying + DehumidifiyingDehumidifying

The drying of incense is mainly at medium and low temperatures, and we can complete the entire drying process in about 20 hours. The dried incense is evenly dried and durable.


The incense-making company, in this case, uses 2 sets of model CC700 incense dryers. The drying equipment has three times waste heat recovery functions. The incense drying room can dry 1500 kg of Buddha incense in one batch, and the drying temperature is controlled. Within 60 degrees of medium and low temperature, after drying and dehumidification, the incense will lose half of its weight.


The heat pump energy-saving special incense stick drying machine is a new incense dryer, which is suitable for drying various types of incense, such as incense sticks and pan incense. When doing work, the heat transfer working medium in the driving pipeline absorbs the heat in the ambient air. It then releases the heat into the Buddha incense drying room through the heat exchange device, and the continuous drying process is carried out through the hot air circulation system. Compared with the electric dryer, it saves 75% of the electric energy and saves the cost of incense drying.


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