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Lemon is a Rutaceae citrus plant that is also known as lemon fruit, lemon, mother fruit, and other names. Small tree with few thorns or practically thornless branches, dark purple juvenile leaves and flower buds, thick papery leaves, oblong or elliptic, single flower axillary or clustered blooms. Seeds small, ovate, pointed, seed coat smooth, cotyledons milky white, usually single or both polyembryonic, fruit oval or ovate, thick peel, usually rough, lemon-yellow, juice sour or even sour, seeds small, ovate, pointed, seed coat smooth, cotyledons milky white, usually single or both polyembryonic The flowering and fruiting seasons are April to May and September to November, respectively.

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Lemons are grown mostly in the United States, Italy, Spain, and Greece south of the Yangtze River and are native to Southeast Asia. Lemons are described as “citric acid warehouses” because of their high citric acid content. It has a fragrant scent and juicy, meaty fruit. It can only be used as a top-grade spice for the manufacture of drinking meals, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals due to its sour flavor. Lemon is also high in vitamin C, which helps to reduce congestion and cough, as well as support fluid and gut health. Scurvy is the nemesis of bronchitis, whooping cough, loss of appetite, vitamin shortage, heat stroke, and polydipsia.

Choose high-quality lemons and clean them thoroughly, using methods such as salt water cleaning, soy water washing, or ultrasonic cleaning, among others. The main goal is to clean and remove pesticide or wax residues. Cut the fruit into 4 mm thick slices by hand or with a slicer, making sure the thickness is consistent. In addition, the lemon seeds should be removed so that the drying action and flavor of the lemon slices are not harmed. Place the lemon slices on the drying rack carefully, without stacking them, and let the natural wind and light help to eliminate part of the moisture.

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The lemon slices that have been air-dried for one day are transferred to the air drying room, and the temperature of the dryer is set to three temperature ranges of 45°C, 50°C, and 53°C. Discharge, the whole drying process is about 22 hours.

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