How to Dry Animal Husbandry Mosquito Coil Drying System

Airtech husbandry mosquito coil drying system has a precise temperature maintaining the dryness not over dying the coil making it brittle and easy to break. Airtek heat pump mosquito coil dryer gives the exact amount of heat giving the finished product a long-lasting storage capacity and longevity.

Livestock mosquito incense sticks have been specially produced in recent years for the purpose of repelling mosquitoes in farms, preventing mosquitoes from biting livestock, preventing mosquitoes from spreading diseases, and improving breeding productivity. Drying is an indispensable process in the process of making livestock mosquito coils.

Heat pump animal husbandry mosquito coil dryer introduction

The animal husbandry mosquito coil heat pump dryer integrates dehumidification, heating, cooling, exhaust temperature, and ventilation. It is more efficient than traditional drying, more environmentally friendly than coal-fired fuel, and more energy-saving and electricity-saving than electric drying.

The mosquito-repellent incense sticks made by Jinaojun’s mosquito-repellent incense dryer have a soft smell, and the spices are tight and not easy to disperse. Jinaojun animal husbandry mosquito coil dryer has long service life, safe and reliable operation, high efficiency and energy-saving, convenient installation, environmental protection and pollution-free, wide application range, and no special person is required to supervise the drying process. In the drying industry, Jin Ao Jun has honed his sword for ten years, only to provide you with a better drying experience.

Reference for the drying process of animal husbandry mosquito coil


Put the wet material on the tray and push it into the drying room, start the intelligent control system of the heat pump dryer, set the temperature at about 45°C, the humidity at 60%, and the time at 5-6 hours.

The second stage: the drying temperature rise is controlled at about 50 ℃, the humidity is set at 60%, and the time is about 3 hours.

The third stage: keep the temperature up to about 55°C, humidity 40%, and dry for about 1 hour to get a dry finished product. The drying of livestock mosquito coils is mainly based on medium and low temperatures, and the entire drying process can be completed in about 10 hours. The dried livestock mosquito coils are evenly dried, not easy to disperse, and resistant to storage.

ARITA, JAPAN – JULY 06: Mosquito coils are dried in a drying room at the Kishu Factory of Dainihon Jochugiku Co. Ltd. on July 6, 2016 in Arita, Japan. Japanese insect repellent manufacturer Dainihon Jochugiku Co., Ltd. has donated their mosquito repellent products to the Japan Olympics Committee to support the health of the Olympians during the Rio Olympics 2016. According to the International Federation of the Red Cross, personal repellent and coils donated by a U.S. based SC Johnson will be distributed to the vulnerable communities in South and Central American countries to provide preventative resources against mosquito-borne diseases. (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)Some application areas of high-temperature heat pump dryers; meat, vegetables, fruits, Chinese medicinal materials, agricultural and sideline products, industrial products, scented tea, seafood; etc.

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