Mud Toy Drying or Starch Toy Drying Techniques

How do mud toys or starch toys or figurines are created? The boss of a production company told Jin Aojun that the raw material of the product is mainly corn starch, which is environmentally friendly, bright in color, and does not deform after expansion. There are more than 260 kinds of toys produced, simple operation, intuitive image, and safe play. There is no problem if a child accidentally ingests it. The market price of 1,500 “corn kernels” is only 50 yuan, which is only half of the price of imported products. Compared with domestic products, corn starch materials have the advantages of safety and environmental protection. I believe there will be a bigger market for starch toys!

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A cylindrical particle similar to foam material can quickly adhere to the other particles by simply dipping one end with water; moreover, they can be quickly degraded by throwing them into water. A cornstarch toy is becoming popular in overseas markets. It is based on cornstarch, a new edible material, that the DIY products of cornstarch toys have been widely praised by the market since they came out. They are quickly exported to Australia, South Korea and other places at a lower price, but also in China. Seize the market.

The production process of starch toys. The first step is injection molding, which is responsible for producing eggshell-like shells and various animal embryos; the second step is spray painting, which is responsible for painting eggshells with colors. The third step is drying. In the past, the air-drying method was used, because the cycle was too long, now Jinaojun’s air-energy starch toy dryer is used. The third step is assembly, responsible for embellishment, packaging, and sealing of various animal prototypes.


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The heat pump dryer is composed of four parts: the warehouse, the heat pump heating system, the condensation dehumidification system, and the temperature and humidity automatic control system. Now this drying system is used in rubber products, raw rubber, paper tubes, paper tubes, plaster toys, plaster lines, plasticine toys, all kinds of starch toy mud, shaped charcoal, environmentally friendly barbecue charcoal, lost foam, plastic molds, water-based paint There are more and more applications in industrial products such as furniture, paint drying room and so on.

For the drying of starch toy mud, the temperature should not be too high. The toy mud dryer starts from 45 degrees and increases by about 10 degrees Celsius every two to three hours. Slowly increasing the target temperature is appropriate. Too high a heating rate is easy. The defect of rapid water loss, resulting in cracks on the surface of the toy.

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Jin Aojun believes that this intelligent dryer has the following advantages:

1. The outdoor host part (generates drying heat);

2. The indoor part (transmits heat to the drying material);

3. Condensate piping system (condensate water) Centralized discharge channel);

4. The air system of the dehumidification system (the channel for conveying fresh air, exhaust air, and circulating air): air duct, muffler, noise reducer, air supply outlet, return air outlet, exhaust outlet, fresh air outlet, air volume adjustment Valve;

5. Electrical control and power distribution system.

6. The alarm system will issue an alarm when the system is running abnormally.

Jin Aojun believes that for industrial materials with more complex process requirements, its PLC touch-screen version of the central controller can be programmed in time periods, which can dry, dehumidify, close dehumidification, humidity control, and freeze dry to meet the different drying requirements of various industries. . The stored drying process makes customers’ drying easier!

Jinaojun believes that for the drying of industrial products, heat pump drying opportunities have more cost advantages. Take a chemical raw material drying project in Guangzhou as an example. Put the barreled chemical raw materials at room temperature into the drying room.

The size of the drying room is 5.1m in length, 1.5m in width and 2.8m in height. Gradually store it to the target temperature of about 55°C, and the highest temperature does not exceed 60°C. After reaching the temperature, remove the chemical raw materials from the drying room and work 24 hours a day, 250 days a year. Using an electric heating blast constant temperature drying system, the electric heating power is 42KW, and the electricity price is 1.0 yuan/kWh. The daily power consumption is 280 degrees.

After the transformation, the intelligent integrated air source heat pump drying room design is adopted to fully meet Party A’s chemical raw material storage needs all the time. It is equipped with a heat pump drying unit with an input power of 6.0KW and a heating capacity of 18KW, and the daily power consumption is 144 Spend.

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