Passion Fruit Drying Method?

Egg fruit is another name for passion fruit. The ideal temperature for growing egg fruit is 20°C to 30°C. In general, it grows best at temperatures above 0°C. The plant will be severely damaged or even die if the temperature drops to -2°C. The average yearly temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. The area above this temperature is ideal for planting, and good yields are easy to achieve. As a result, it is extensively spread across southern China’s warm and humid regions, particularly in Hainan.

Passion fruit processing steps:

1. Raw material collection: collect fresh eggs and fruits with no pests and diseases, no deterioration, 6-8 mature eggs and fruits as raw materials;

2. Raw material cleaning: place the raw fruit in the pneumatic cleaning tank for cleaning to remove the sediment and other foreign objects attached to the peel;

3. Raw material processing: Divide and dig the raw fruit. The process is to use a knife to cut the egg fruit vertically, cut the fruit into two halves, and then use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and pack it in food-grade plastic buckets. Good, keep it in a refrigerator at 15°C;


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4. Cooking: In a jacketed pot, use 90-100 ℃ hot water to cook the passion fruit peel until it is very

It is easy to separate the cuticle and the peel without rotten;

5. Exfoliate the cuticle: Use a spoon 1/4 the size of the egg fruit to separate the cuticle and peel;

6. Enzymatic hydrolysis: put 40ppm of pectinase into 40 kg of water to make an enzymatic hydrolysis solution, then mix the enzymatic hydrolysis solution with 80 kg of passion fruit peel and stir evenly, and start the enzymatic hydrolysis of the exfoliating layer of egg peel. , Enzymolysis at room temperature for 30min, filter after enzymolysis, and filter the water clean;

7. Color protection: soak the enzymatically hydrolyzed egg peel with sodium metabisulfite solution with a concentration of 7‰, soak for ten minutes, and then drain the soaking liquid;

8. Candied: The method of candied by sections is adopted. The ratio of white granulated sugar to maltose is 5:1 and the sugar content of 40°Bix is ​​used for candied in the first candied, and the time is 24 hours; The ratio of white granulated sugar to maltose is 5:1, the sugar content of 60°Bix is ​​sugared, and 0.5% citric acid is added at the same time, and the time is 24 hours;

9. Fruit pulp treatment: thaw the fruit pulp, and then use white sugar and citric acid or sodium citrate and pulp to make a modulated pulp. The specific raw material ratio is: 50% of summer egg fruit pulp, citric acid 0.1%, white sugar 49.9%, winter egg fruit pulp 40%, sodium citrate 1%, and white sugar 59%; then, using the wrapping ability of the egg peel after cutting in half, the prepared fruit pulp is embedded in the sugar. The stained egg peel keeps all the contents of the egg fruit intact, and finally placed on the baking sieve in turn, and placed in the heat pump drying room for drying;

10. Drying: The drying process is carried out by a segmented drying method. The first drying process is to keep the drying temperature at 60-65°C for 6 hours, and then place it at room temperature for 12-14 hours, and then place the egg peel. The other side is turned over for more uniform drying. The second drying process is to keep the drying temperature at 50-55 °C for 10 hours;

11. Cooling: place the product from the drying room in a temperature environment of 20 to 25 degrees for cooling for 12 to 14 hours, so that the moisture of the product is fully balanced and the taste of the product is softer;

12. Packaging: Sprinkle the cooled product with a thin layer of powdered sugar to keep the product dry, and then pack it into packaging bags according to the amount to obtain the finished product

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