Drying your Persimmon for Longer shelf life

Persimmon cake (also known as persimmon cake) is a popular Chinese delicacy. It has a lot of nutrients. It is mostly produced in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County. It has been cultivated and processed for more than 400 years. Gongcheng Moon Persimmon is the finest grade of persimmon, with a beautiful fruit shape, vivid color, large thin skin, thick and seedless flesh, sweet and wonderful flavor.

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Rainy weather should not be met during the drying process since traditional dried persimmons are generally created by natural drying in the sun, which is strongly affected by the climate. Otherwise, it’ll be over, and there’ll be nothing you can do about it, even if you can barely follow the process all the way to the conclusion, because the persimmons that come out are sour.

The heat pump dried persimmon dryer uses PLC touch screen control, microcomputer operation, and continuous drying for 24 hours, which reduces manual labor in traditional craftsmanship and improves traditional food’s drawbacks by the sky!


The persimmon fruit can be harvested when it transforms from yellow to red. It will fall off the tree if taken too late or if it is too ripe. The taste of the processed persimmon will be affected if it is not mature enough. As a result, the harvesting process is also a selection process. The first natural and artificial selection of overly small and ripe persimmons.

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Process for drying dried persimmons as a guide

  1. Place the persimmons equally on the tray after washing and peeling them, place them in the drying room, and bake at 40°C for 10 hours. Ventilate and dehumidify every 2 hours, and do so for 20 minutes each time.
  2. Knead the white fruit noodles lightly, then bake at 45°C for 12 hours, paying care to ventilation and dehumidification during that time, and turning over often and evenly.
  3. Perform a second kneading of the persimmons with creases on the surface, then knead the persimmon meat without breaking it, rotate and knead it, and bake it for 15 hours at 50°C and 30% humidity. Pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification at this time, and turn it on a regular basis. Heat in a uniform manner.
  4. Carry out the third time of kneading the cake, continue to bake it at 45°C for 10 hours, take it back when the persimmon is the same soft and hard, and return to soft and frosting.
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Note You Should Take in Drying Persimmon

If you want to produce persimmon frost, you must have a low-temperature environment. The dried persimmons are placed in a cool and dry room. Persimmon frost will gradually form at low temperatures.

Persimmons have some peculiar qualities, such as not being able to be dropped or over-dried. When a persimmon is dropped, the area where it was dropped turns black, affecting the taste and color. Frosting will not occur on persimmons that are too dry. As a result, there is yet another work to combine in the process of drying persimmons. Previously, there would be a considerable gap between the suspension rods to allow the persimmons to swiftly evaporate water. After the water has evaporated in the later stage, the rods must be tied to limit water evaporation, ensuring that the persimmons do not become too dry and freeze.

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