700-800 kgs/batch Capacity Dryer Machine | Drying Equipment

Model CC700 heat pump dryer machine is suitable for drying conventional materials such as small size fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea, leaves, agricultural products, jerky, pet food, etc.

  • Dry Fast/Save Time
  • Production Safety
  • Energy Saving
  • Eco-Friendly
  • PLC Control System

What is the heat pump dryer machine?

The high-temperature heat pump drying unit is mainly composed of four parts: fin evaporator (outside), compressor, fin condenser (inside), and expansion valve. The refrigerant continuously evaporates (absorbs heat from the outdoor environment) → compression → condensation (heat release in the indoor drying room) → throttling → re-evaporation heat cycle process, so as to transfer the heat in the external low-temperature environment to the drying room, and the refrigerant is in the system The circulating flow rate in the compressor under the action of the medium. It completes the gas pressure increase and temperature rise process in the compressor (temperature up to 100°C). It enters the machine and releases high-temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room. At the same time, it is cooled and transformed into a liquid state. When it runs to the outside machine, the liquid quickly absorbs heat and evaporates, and then transforms into a gaseous state. At the same time, the temperature can drop to -20℃~-30℃. At this time, the air around the heat absorber will continuously transfer heat to the refrigerant. When the high-temperature heat pump drying unit is working, like ordinary air conditioners and heat pump units, it absorbs the energy in the low-temperature environment in the evaporator.
application of the dryer machine
Main Parts for Heat Pump Dryer Machine

What is included in this complete drying system?

Heat Pump Dryer

  • CC300 Dryer * 1 pc
  • Power: 3.3 kW
  • Capacity: 200-300 kgs/batch
  • Dehumidification: 12L/h


Fans Rack

  • Fans Rack * 1 pc
  • Fans Quantity: 8 pcs/rack
  • Fans Power: 0.25 kW * 8 pcs
  • Stainless Steel Material

Drying Chamber

  • Drying Chamber * 1 set
  • Dimension: 3160*2200*2200mm
  • PUF Insulation Panels – 100mm

Trolley & Trays

  • Stainless Steel #304 Food Grade
  • Trolley: 870*610*1800mm
  • Tray: 800*600mm
  • 16 Trays/Trolley

What other solutions do you have?

Solution OptionsQT300CCQT500CCQT700CCQT1000CCQT1200CC
Dryer Machine ModelCC300 * 1 pcCC500 * 1 pcCC700 * 1 pcCC1000 * 1 pcCC1200 * 1 pc
Dehumidify Capacity1220304050
Fans Rack Quantity (Pcs)11222
Fans Quantity (Units)812161624
Fans Airflow (m³/h)12000-2000018000-3000024000-4000024000-4000036000-60000
Rated Power (Kw)
Drying Chamber3160*2200*2200 mm mm mm mm mm
Trolley Quantity610142024
Tray Quantity96160224320384
Refrigerant TypeR134aR134aR134aR134aR134a
Refrigerant Kgs2.*24.0*2
Maximum Temperature7575757575
Production Capacity200-400500-600700-8001000-12001200-1500
Dryer Size1620*1020*1280 mm1620*1020*1280 mm1720*1220*1280 mm2120*1520*1590 mm2120*1520*1590 mm
Dryer Weight240260300400500
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