How to Make your Favourite Tangerine Tea using Tangerine Drying Machine

A key to a proper Tangerine Drying Machine is that it can produce the right and exact amount of dryness retaining its tangi flavor keeping all those tangerine properties intact. The hottest thing in the tea world is Xiaoqing Tang. She is small and exquisite, easy to brew, and the fruity tea is strong. It is a gem of tea that people will fall in love with.


tangerine in the drying machine

What is a small green tangerine?

According to the “Xinhui Tangerine Peel Geographical Indication Product”, the orange peel can be divided into orange green peel (green peel), reddish peel (yellow peel) and big red peel (red peel) according to the harvest period.

Xiaoqing citrus refers to the peel that is not colored and is processed when the fruit is harvested when the physiology is immature. The citrus fruit at this time is called Xiaoqing kan.

What are the production processes of Xiaoqing Tang?

tangerine on a container ready for drying process

Whole sun drying refers to the small green tangerines that are completely dried under the sun under the condition of fine weather. It takes from ten to thirty days to completely dry it, and during this long period of time, the substances contained in the small green tangerines have been naturally converted. However, the whole raw sun-dried small green tangerines has a fatal flaw, that is, it is greatly affected by the weather. Once encountered sudden weather changes, it is very prone to mildew, dampness and other phenomena.


Small green tangerine manufacturers generally do not use the whole raw drying process. In addition to the bad weather, there are also slow time and low output. The energy expended is difficult to be proportional to the income. Very few merchants do full raw drying.

Semi-raw drying refers to a combination of raw drying and low-temperature drying. Semi-raw baking at low temperature not only ensures the taste, but also makes the various substances in the small green oranges get a good conversion, and also reduces the risk of qualitative changes due to weather changes, but it takes a long time.


The whole roasted small green tangerine, better understood, is the full name of drying, which consumes a short time, but the drying process is different, and the exquisite craftsmanship is also different from the layman’s.

The baking process of Xiaoqing Tang requires full heating in the early stage, so that the fragrance of wet tangerine peel is gradually penetrated into the dried Pu’er tea. For example, in Guangdong area, when the ambient temperature is high:

The first stage: in the early stage, the temperature is raised to 60 degrees and kept for 1 hour, and the humidity is controlled at 50%;

When the scent of tangerine peel gradually penetrates into the Pu’er tea, it will continue to heat up:

The second stage: the temperature is raised to 60 degrees, and the humidity is controlled at 50-60% for 2-3 hours;

At this time, there will be questions around the drying room about the scent overflowing from the small green tangerines: the next step is to enter a period of dehumidification.

tangerine on a container ready for drying process

The third stage: the temperature is raised to 60 degrees, and the humidity is controlled at 30% for 4-5 hours:

At this time, the scent of tangerine peel and the scent of Pu’er are well blended, and the next step is the high-temperature drying period:

The fourth stage: the temperature is controlled at 65 degrees and the humidity is controlled at 15% until drying.

Consultation on specific drying process details

Do you think drying or drying is better?

The quality of a good small green mandarin orange depends half on the peel and half on the tea. Even if the whole raw sun-dried process is adopted, the orange peel and Pu’er tea used are not good, and it is impossible to make delicious small green oranges.

So when we are buying small green tangerines, there is no need to entangle whether it is raw or dried. It is the last word to drink!

Good tea is not easy to make and rare, so drink it and cherish it!



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