How to Dry a Tremella Fruit

Tremella, also known as white fungus, snow fungus, white fungus, and other names, is a fungus that belongs to the Tremella family. Tremella fruit bodies are pure white to milky white in color, with a diameter of 5-10 cm, are soft and white, translucent, and elastic. Tremella is non-toxic, sweet, light, and neutral in nature. It not only nourishes the spleen and tastes good, but it also benefits the qi and intestines, as well as nourishing the yin and moistening the lungs. It can improve not just human immunity, but also tumor patients’ tolerance to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Tremella is high in natural plant colloid and has a yin-nourishing effect, making it a wonderful moisturizing food to consume over time.

Tremella’s traditional drying processes include sun drying and drying in a coal-fired boiler. Sun-drying is cost-effective, however it is only ideal for small batches and is not long-lasting. The boiler drying chamber may be used on both sunny and rainy days, but it has a high energy consumption, produces medium-quality dried white fungus, and has a low drying efficiency. Batch drying, energy savings, environmental protection, economic savings, and good output quality are all advantages of using a heat pump to dry tremella. We can learn about the drying process by following a customer from Airtek heat pump dryer to dry Tremella. Call us now and well help you operate your machine.


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Tremella drying process

1) Preheat the drying room to 40-45℃, and send the refurbished and cleaned Tremella into the drying room.

2) The initial temperature is 40°C. After the water content of the ear pieces drops to about 30%, the temperature is gradually increased to 50-60° C. After baking for 6-10 hours, when the ear pieces are nearly dry (the ear base is not completely dry), Then reduce the temperature to 30-40 ℃ until drying (water content is 10%-13%).

3) If the harvest is sunny, it can be dried to half dry before baking. The white fungus dried by drying and drying has good color and strong fragrance. Immediately after processing, it is graded and sealed, and stored in a low temperature, dry and ventilated place. Pay attention to inspection at any time to prevent moisture regain, mildew or moth-eaten.


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