Wolfberry Drying is also known as Goji Berry Steps in Drying.

It’s always difficult to maintain its taste when drying something without control. Just like Wolfberry Drying you need to be precise on its moisture reduction to keep that sweetness.

Chinese wolfberry, also known as Goji berry, is sweet and flat. It has the functions of nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidney, and moisturizing the lungs. It is a common medicinal material for people’s daily health maintenance.

The fruit of wolfberry is red and ripe from June to November, but the shelf life of fresh wolfberry fruit is very short, usually only about 2 to 3 days, so the first problem encountered in deep processing is the problem of dehydration and quality preservation. At present, the dehydration processing and storage technology of wolfberry is backward. More than 90% of wolfberry is dried by the natural drying method. Due to weather and other reasons, the loss is about 300 yuan/mu every year. If it encounters continuous rain and rain, the loss is more than 1000 yuan per acre. However, the heat pump dryer can solve the problem of wolfberry drying, increase the yield of wolfberry, and reduce the loss.

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Wolfberry Drying Steps Using Airtek Heat Pump Dryer

1. The first stage: the heating stage. Bake for 2 hours to increase the temperature and balance the internal and external temperature of the wolfberry so that the temperature of the wolfberry is uniform, the temperature cannot be too high, and the humidity can not be discharged; the temperature control of the temperature and humidity controller is set to 40.

2. The second stage: a lot of dehumidification. Bake for 10 hours, this stage is a large amount of dehumidification section, temperature control: 45 ℃

3. The third stage: deep drying. Bake for 10 hours, the temperature is 55℃, and the humidity drops by 10; the humidity is controlled at 55%, and then reheat after a period of cooling.

4. The fourth stage: uniform dehumidification. The temperature control is set at 65°C, the humidity is uniformly discharged, and the baking time is set for 3-5 hours. After about 25 hours of drying, the wolfberry has reached the drying requirements.

traditional wolfberry dryin air drying

Actual case situation

1. Ningxia wolfberry drying

★Project name: Ningxia wolfberry drying

★Location: Ningxia wolfberry planting base

★Equipment selection: Airtek Dehydrator

★Project description: Airtek dryer, and provide comprehensive solutions such as drying room design and construction, drying process, etc., to solve the drying problems such as large temperature difference in steam drying, untimely dehumidification, and dark color of wolfberry.

traditional wolfberry dryin air drying

2. Gansu wolfberry drying

★Project name: Project name: Gansu wolfberry drying

★Location: Gansu

★Equipment selection: Jinaojun 12P integral dryer

★Project description: Adopt 1 set of 12P, and provide comprehensive solutions such as drying room design and construction, drying process, etc., to solve the drying problems of coal-fired boilers such as large temperature difference, large pollution, high labor cost, and poor drying color.

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