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The apple tree, also known as Medical Fruit, Ping’an Fruit, Wisdom Fruit, Pingbo, Extraordinary Seed, Natural Seed, and Tao Po, is a deciduous tree that belongs to the apple genus of the Rosaceae apple subfamily. Apples are abundant in nutritional content, minerals and vitamins, and calcium, which aids in the metabolization of excess salt in the body. Malic acid has the ability to digest heat and prevent obesity in the lower body.

Apple is a low-calorie food, producing 60 kcal per 100 grams. The nutrients in apples are highly soluble and easily absorbed by the human body, so they are called “living water”. It is good for dissolving sulfur element, making the skin smooth and soft

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Apple drying process

Raw material→washing→peeling→slicing→soaking in liquid medicine→drying→selection→packagin

Key points of pre-processing of apple slices

Selection of raw materials: choose the fruits with dense flesh, high sugar content, thin skin and thick flesh, and fully mature fruits, and remove rotten and disabled fruits.

Raw material treatment: In order to remove the pesticides on the peel, the fruit is washed with running water. Peel and peel the fruit manually or mechanically, cut into 7-8 mm thick discs, and then put them in saltwater.

Color protection: Put the cut apple slices in a solution of 3% to 5% saltwater to protect the color to avoid oxidation and browning.

If the fruit pieces are floating on the potion, they should be pressed with a cover curtain weight on the fruit pieces to ensure that the fruit pieces are completely immersed in the potion.


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Operation points of post-drying treatment of apple slices

1. Drying: ①Drying room temperature: 60~80℃. ②Drying time: 5 to 10 hours. ③ Dehumidification: Always dehumidify during the drying process. ④During the drying process, it is necessary to prevent the temperature from fluctuating from high to low.

2. Selection of slices: The dried apples should be manually selected and trimmed. ①Trimming: Trim off the remaining seed nests, peels, mechanical scars, spots, pests and diseases on the fruit slices. ②Selection: Remove the water slices (non-dried slices), paste slices, fragments and dirty slices from the fruit slices, and remove impurities.

3. Packaging: Dehydrated apples that have been tested and checked are put into composite bags for packaging. If vacuum packaging is used, the shelf life of the product can be extended.

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