Procedure in Drying Coconut Meat

Now a days Cococnut Meat Drying is needed to produce a good quality copra. Conventional drying techniques are replaced with modern coconut meat drying through machinery.

Coconut is the fruit of the palm tree coconut tree. It is a typical tropical fruit. It is mainly produced in my country’s Hainan area and southern Guangdong islands. The coconut water is cool and thirst quenching. Make shredded coconut coconut flakes. The drying of coconut meat is inseparable from the help of the dryer. Jinaoyuan coconut meat dryer adopts the reverse Carnot principle and four-effect heat recovery technology, which is energy-saving and power-saving, safe and environmentally friendly, and has a remote control system, intelligent operation, and one Key drying is a good assistant for coconut meat drying.

coconut meat drying

Coconut meat can be processed into coconut meat flakes. The processing technology of candied coconut meat flakes is a bit similar to coconut horns. It uses natural and fresh coconut meat and white sugar, and is produced through technical processes such as peeling, washing, cutting into slices, steaming, cooking, and drying.

Become. The drying temperature is controlled at 45-60℃, and then it can be gradually increased until the moisture content of the dried product is below 8%. The dried coconut flakes are evenly white and have the unique fragrance and sweetness of coconut meat. Copra meat can also be processed into dried coconut shreds and coconut meat. The drying process of different treatment methods will also be changed, and the temperature control also needs to be adjusted, so this process is for reference only.

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