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Airtek® Continuous Conveyor Belt Dryer Machines

Airtek manufactures conveyor belt dryer machines that adapt to various processes, different types of materials, and humidity ranges. It features high drying speed, a large processing capacity, powerful evaporation strength, modular assembly, and a PLC control panel. The continuous conveyor belt dryer is a factory-assembled drying system built with a high level of innovation and advanced simulation technology. Airtek delivers long-term development solutions and machines for industrial and municipal sludge, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, and food. 

The conveyor belt dryer machine has a wide range of industrial drying, cooling, and curing applications, along with but not limited to screen printing. It’s a multistage steam-heated dehydrator for dehydrating vegetables. The dryer’s length corresponds to the amount of time needed to evaporate substantial amounts of moisture. The dryer’s design is sanitary, with stainless steel contact parts and easy cleaning.

The multi-pass dryer has conveyor beds positioned over each other to maximize capacity while using less floor space. A triple-walled insulated tunnel and high-quality electric infrared panels are available in different heights, lengths, and sizes according to your needs. We utilize only high-quality components in our food dehydrators. It ensures maximum energy efficiency, uniform drying effect, 24/7 continuous work, and a 12-month warranty. That is why our dryers have the best value in the overseas markets.

The efficiency of our drying machines is higher than ordinary dryers. It is suitable for food, vegetables, agriculture, and other pharmaceutical materials. There is no requirement for installation, and the buyer can straight plug it in after getting it. We have a wide selection of conveyor dryers, from large-volume conveyor dryers to smaller formats. You can choose according to the drying capacity and the heat source.

Continuous Conveyor Belt Dryer
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How to choose a dryer suitable for my project?

Two ways to choose a dryer
1. Choose according to the drying capacity
* Less than 200 kg/day: cabinet-type dryer, no installation is required, and the customer can directly plugin after receiving it, and then it can run.
* 200 kg – 10 ton/day: batch-type dryer, after the materials are loaded with carts and trays, they are pushed into the drying chamber for drying, and each batch takes about 10-20 hours.
* 10 – 100 ton/day, which can operate continuously for 24 hours and discharge 100-1000 kg per hour.
2. Choose according to the heat source
Now the most energy-efficient and popular is the air-energy heat pump dryer. Other heat sources can use natural gas, coal, petroleum, electricity, biomass, etc.

What kind of fuels does the dryer use?

We can offer different models of dryers that can use electricity, coal, gas, oil, or biomass as heat sources.

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