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Leaf Drying Machine using Conveyor Belt Type Dehydrator

The Continuous Mesh Belt Leaf Drying Machine is suitable for drying herbaceous plants since it uses clean hot air as a drying medium. Curry leaf, bay leaf, spicy wood leaf, herbal basil leaf, fenugreek leaf, neem leaf, mint leaf, and other spices and herbs can be processed. The working temperature can be adjusted, preserving the raw materials’ properties, quality, and color. A quick, industrial-scale solution for drying leaves.

use leaf dryin machine instead of traditional air drying

Why Choose Airtek Conveyor Belt Leaf Drying Machine Works?

  • Conveyor for feeding leaves (Fresh leaves enter the dryer through the conveyor for drying)
  • Conveyor for discharge (Used to transport dried leaves)
  • Host for drying ( the material loading into drying host mesh belt and moving forward from the top layer to bottom layer)
  • Fan (Provide sufficient air volume to the dryer to improve the drying efficiency.)
  • Furnace for heat exchange ( providing heat for drying machine, the cold air and hot air make an exchange, then enter into the dryer absorb by a fan)
  • The panel of control (control the leaves dring speed and temperature.)
  • Fuel: Wood, electricity, biomass, gas, diesel, propane, steam.
  • Multilayer stainless steel mesh belts transport the materials. The final moisture is evacuated from the top of the dryer, and the dried product is sent through the discharge conveyor belt, with hot air moving through the mesh belt from the bottom layer to the top layer.

Airtek Topline Food Drying Machines

Here is some Airtek of the heat pump Food Drying Machine. Highly efficient and automated drying system that can expedite your work and drying time.

How does your Conveyor Belt Tea Leaf Drying Machine Works?

1. The raw material will not be contaminated by the drying medium, which is pure hot air with automated circulation.

2. Continuous mesh belt movement ensures even and consistent dehydration.

3. The dried material has good color, little distortion, and less loss of nutrients when dried at medium and low temperatures.

4. Operators can adjust the air volume, belt speed, and temperature using electronic controls.

5. To prevent materials from dropping directly from the upper layer to the next layer, each layer of the mesh belt has a material stop and guide plate.

6. Convenient door handles allow panel access to view the status of the drying operation.

7. A wide range of heat sources, electricity, gas, diesel, wood and biomass.



Continuous Mesh Belt Tea & Leaf Drying Machine – Industrial Food Drying Machines

1. Advanced heat source system – Environment friendly and energy-saving, no pollution in the drying process.

2. High energy air supply technology – For optimal efficiency and cost savings, the Belt leaves drier has a heat recapture technology that recycles up to 80% of the system heat. High production efficiency due to uniform calorific value exchange.

3. Advanced dual-drive technology – Stable performance, high automation, and labor savings are all advantages.

4. Strong compatibility – It can process a variety of similar shapes of materials such as moringa leaf, bay leaf, lotus leaf, etc.

5 Fast, industrial-scale solution to leaves drying – All material touchpoints of the Mesh Belt Dryer are made from 304 stainless to meet food-grade standards.


ginseng root also know as polygonatum, drying process

What to Expect from your Conveyor Belt Tea Leaf Drying  Machine?

Characteristics of our Leaf Dryer Machine

  • Use heat pump technology to capture heat from the air while also recovering waste heat.
  • Low power consumption, the overall cost is lower than other fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc.
  • Simple operation, fully automatic operation, saving a lot of labor costs. PLC + Touch Screen control system can simply manage the drying temperature.
  • There are partition sheets and fan motors inside the drying chamber that use the forced ventilation function to ensure a hot air cycle, allowing the raw materials to be dried evenly.
  • The material does not craze, does not deform, is non-discoloring, never degenerates, does not oxidize, dries completely, rehydrates well, and retains nutritious content;
  • 12 months warranty period, any accessories are provided free of charge during the warranty period

How to Dry Vegetable Using Airtek Vegetable Drying Machine

These materials can be Dried using the ordinary Heat Pump Dryer or the Conveyor Belt Type Dehydrator.

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