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Noodle Drying is important to prolong the shelf life of the starchy product. Airtek Noodle Drying Machine / Dehydrator has a precise & fully automated drying process keeping the right amount of moisture, texture & taste.

How noodles are Dried?

Noodles are a delicious food that is extremely easy to cook. It seems simple, but who understands the complex and tedious process behind its production? Food production is all in one mind. Noodles need to go through the processes of mixing, curing, sheeting, slicing, drying, cutting, packaging, etc. to come to you. In fact, each process has fine technical requirements.

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For example, the drying process of noodles is the most expensive and critical process in the entire production line. If the temperature is increased, the moisture of the noodles will evaporate too quickly, or the moisture will be discharged too quickly, which will cause the noodles to remain in a humid environment for a long time, and eventually, the noodles will break; if the temperature is too low or the moisture is not discharged in time, will make the noodles not dry for a long time, and eventually, the noodles will break or the effect will not be ideal.

There are also phenomena such as crispy noodles, wet noodles, and sour noodles that occur in production, which are all caused by unreasonable drying equipment and technology, so we must pay great attention to it. At present, the heat pump technology includes oven-type noodle drying equipment, dried noodle drying line, etc., which can effectively solve the problems of a long cycle, low efficiency, and unstable product quality caused by natural air drying, earth oven drying, and steam drying of noodles.

The drying room drying of air energy heat pump technology can be divided into two types: fixed type and mobile type. The former is fixed on a hanging rod, and the noodles are hung on the hanging rod and then sent to the drying room. After drying by hot air, it belongs to intermittent production.

What is Mobile Drying

Mobile drying is a continuous drying method, which is carried out in a tunnel drying room. The drying device consists of a blower, a radiator, a hot air duct, a humidifier for diffusion fans, etc. The moving device consists of a rack, a chain, a sprocket, a drive shaft, a motor, and other components, the noodles are hung on the book and enter the drying room and move slowly in the drying room to meet the drying requirements.

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Install the air energy heat pump noodle dryer equipment. According to the engineering quantity, it takes 3-7 days. When designing the unit, fully consider the characteristics of the noodles, use the heat in the air as the main fuel, and the main machine absorbs the heat in the air to dry the noodles.

Drying effect, through the intelligent temperature and humidity control system sets the appropriate operating conditions, according to the corresponding drying state of the ventilation mode, the operating conditions such as temperature and humidity can be adjusted arbitrarily. Freely adjust the moisture content after processing, because the material stop flow in the drying device can be adjusted freely, and the residence time can therefore be arbitrarily set the moisture content of the processed product.

It rarely destroys the shape. In the noodle dryer, the material moves in a static state, which can hardly destroy the shape of the product. Even if there is a small amount of dust flying objects, it can be collected by setting a weak wind or a bag filter on the pipeline. Various conveyor belts can be used. Depending on the dry material, the conveyor belt can also use vibrating plates in addition to various wire meshes. In addition, according to the different moisture content of the output materials, multiple devices can be selected to be used in series to increase the output.

traditional wolfberry dryin air drying

The drying of noodles, rice noodles, yuba and other foods based on air energy heat pump technology uses a special heat pump noodle dryer, which is pollution-free and chemical-free, and plays an energy-saving and environmental protection role. Food companies rely too much on labor. This technology has a shorter drying time and better quality, and pushes the drying technology of noodles and other foods to a newer and higher level!

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Here is some Airtek of the heat pump Food Drying Machine. Highly efficient and automated drying system that can expedite your work and drying time.

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