Step by Step process in Seaweed drying.

The Airtek seaweed drying machine is made to international standards and is ideal for small and medium-scale operations. The smallest type can be managed by just one person, and it does not require any installation; it may be put into production immediately after delivery. Customers can buy one or more dryers depending on their needs. We also provide them with a dryer that is tailored to their needs. The machine can control the temperature and humidity for the drying process, ensuring that the materials are dried to a high standard. Airtek heat pump dryers are commonly used to dry fish, meat, herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, seafood, noodles, and other materials. The products are of good quality and have a pleasing look after drying. In addition, it uses less energy. When compared to a traditional dryer, it may save 70% of energy and boost drying capacity by 50% in manufacturing.

Airtek Heat pump dryers cost 40% less to run than oil dryers, 50% less than coal boilers, and 30% less than electric boilers. Methods of heat pump Drying process material no deformation, no cracking, no discoloration, no deterioration, and no oxidation, thorough drying after drying and rehydration, less loss of nutrients, the long storage period, more effectively protect the color of the dried material, fragrance, longevity, individual shape, and active substances than any other conventional drying equipment

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Seaweed Drying Machine Using Airtek Heat Pump Dryer

The functions of our seaweed dryer:
        1. The hot air in the drying chamber of the seaweed drying machine is closed circulatory, high drying efficiency, energy saving, no secondary pollution, which conform to the requirements of the national food hygiene standards.
2. The fan force the air to circulate and make the inside temperature up and down with a small difference. Unique adjustable wind board to ensure material dried evenly.
3. The inside temperature and humidity can be self-control to ensure the appropriate temperature for drying (contain automatic heating system, intelligent dehumidifying system, and automatic air circulating system).
4. Automatic control drying time to realize automatic management. And there is an alarm system.
5. Drying fast, moisture emission is large and fast, and our seaweed dryer is one of the fastest drying equipment.
6. Our seaweed drying machine adopts low humidity constant temperature drying, and the dried seaweed is of good quality, not broken, good color, good water complex.
7. Airtek seaweed dryer machine is with reasonable structure, convenient installation and maintenance, stable and simple operation, long lifetime, and low operation cost.

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The features of the seaweed drying machine.
        1. The seaweed dryer machine improves the working efficiency, and it is advantageous to specialize and large-scale production.
        2. It can avoid pollution and improve the quality of dried seaweed. The dried products will be no cracking, not deformation, not discoloring, not going bad, not oxidating, thoroughly drying, less loss of nutrients, good water-recovery properties, long storage life, higher efficiency to protect the color, tastes, aroma, and nutrients of dried products than the traditional drying equipment.
        3. Reduce the risk of the natural environment constraints, and reduce losses from weather factors.
        4. It can improve the economic benefit. Our new type of seaweed drying equipment only consumes 40% of the oil fuel dryer, 60% of the coal fuel dryer, and 30% of another electric dryer.
        5. Safe and environmental protection. Our seaweed drying machine has incomparable security (electric separation technology), zero polluting emissions.

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