Continuous Conveyor Belt Hemp & Herbs Dehydrator - Hemp & Herbs Drying Machine

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Hemp Drying Machine using Conveyor Belt Type Dehydrator

Our mesh belt hemp drying machine is designed to dry hemp leaves and blossoms quickly using a combination of heat and air.
Massive hemp drying can now be done quickly and on an industrial scale. To satisfy food-grade regulations, all material touchpoints are composed of 304 stainless steel.

hemp drying using hemp drying machine

Why Choose Airtek Conveyor Belt Hemp & Herb Drying Machine Works?

  • LOW OPERATING COST:  For optimal efficiency and cost savings, the Belt hemp dryer has a heat recapture technology that recycles up to 80% of the system heat.
  • FAST DRYING TIME: From start to finish, drying time should be around 4-5 hours. Because the process is continuous, the drying time begins when the material enters the belt wet and ends when it emerges dry.
  • MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS: Hemp leaves, shredded flowers, biomass. 5/16″-1″ material diameter. Moisture Input 80%, Output 10-13%. Heating temperature 104-194F, 40-90C

Airtek Topline Food Drying Machines

Here is some Airtek of the heat pump Food Drying Machine. Highly efficient and automated drying system that can expedite your work and drying time.

How does your Conveyor Belt Hemp & Herb Drying Machine Works?

The feeding conveyor transports hemp flower and hemp leaf to the dryer’s interior. The material is conveyed layer by layer on a conveyor belt, with hot air passing through it from bottom to top. The discharge conveyor transports the dried hemp flower and hemp leaf. The final moisture is ejected out the dryer’s top.

Continuous Mesh Belt Hemp Drying Machine – Industrial Food Drying Machines

Please consider the mesh belt hemp drying machine if you are a hemp processing firm or a farmer with 1000 acres or more. The Mesh Hemp Belt Dryer is a large-scale, fast-drying solution for vast hemp harvests.

Maximize Your Hemp Production ROI

Hemp is highly sought after and can be found in a wide range of items. Hemp drying is an important step in the processing of hemp for further extraction, although it can take a long time and effort. Hemp biomass has a high moisture content, often as high as 85%, which must be decreased to an acceptable level in order to extract a high-quality final product.

For some hemp growers, manual drying is not an option. You probably don’t have the space, overhead resources, or time to hang-dry hundreds of thousands of pounds if you grow dozens or hundreds of acres. Furthermore, when you hang-dry hemp, you expose it to the outdoors for weeks, increasing the risk of contamination.

If you live in a humid climate like Florida, where mold and mildew infestation is common, this can be extremely dangerous. You can dry hemp accurately and efficiently with the right hemp drying equipment, resulting in a product ready for extraction or other industrial or medical uses.

Our Hemp Drying System is custom-designed and built to meet your specific hemp drying requirements. Hemp that has been dried thoroughly and quickly yields a higher-quality product for processing or sale. Our hemp drying systems enable you to dry hemp much more quickly, resulting in a product that is suitable for extraction or other industrial or medical applications.

ginseng root also know as polygonatum, drying process

What to Expect from your Conveyor Belt Hemp Drying  Machine?

Characteristics of our Hemp Dryer Machine

  • Use heat pump technology to capture heat from the air while also recovering waste heat.
  • Low power consumption, the overall cost is lower than other fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc.
  • Simple operation, fully automatic operation, saving a lot of labor costs. PLC + Touch Screen control system can simply manage the drying temperature.
  • There are partition sheets and fan motors inside the drying chamber that use the forced ventilation function to ensure a hot air cycle, allowing the raw materials to be dried evenly.
  • The material does not craze, does not deform, is non-discoloring, never degenerates, does not oxidize, dries completely, rehydrates well, and retains nutritious content;
  • 12 months warranty period, any accessories are provided free of charge during the warranty period

How to Dry Vegetable Using Airtek Vegetable Drying Machine

These materials can be Dried using the ordinary Heat Pump Dryer or the Conveyor Belt Type Dehydrator.

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