Small Fish Drying Machine / Small Fish Dehydrator

Do you need a small fish dryer machine that preserves the nutritional values of the fish its texture and its taste? The nutritional value of dagaa is similar to that of small pelagic fish in the ocean because they contain proteins and micronutrients that are essential in the diets of growing children, pregnant and lactating women and malnourished and malnourished communities.

Dried fish is trendy in Africa, and small dried fish is also known as Matemba (Zimbabwe), Kapenta (Zambia), Daaga (Tanzania), Omena (Kenya), Janga (Cameroon), Mwanja moto (Cameroon).

How to Dry Small Fish With a Fish Dehydrator Machine in Mass Production?

Small Fish Drying Process (Reference):

1. Cleaning: Preliminary screening of small fishes, removing gills, internal organs, residues, and cleaning.
Small fish drying machine
2. Steaming: steam the cleaned small fish in a steamer. (In some areas, drying is done directly without steaming.)
Fish Dryer Machine
3. Drying, put the steamed small fish in a tray on the cart and put the cart in the drying room
In the first stage, the drying temperature of fish dryersis 40 degrees, the humidity is controlled at 55%, and the time is 4 hours;
In the second stage, the drying temperature is 60 degrees, the humidity is controlled at 36%, and the time is 10 hours;
In the third stage, the drying temperature of fish drying systems is 68 degrees, the humidity is controlled at 18%, and the time is 6 hours;
When the time is over, it can be out of the oven. Most of the water in the small fish is completely removed, and the entrance is more fragrant, and it can be packaged when it reaches the drying standard.
How to Dry Fish in Dehydrator
4: Packing: Pack the dried small fish in grades, and keep them away from light.
The drying of small fish relies on traditional natural air drying and requires a large area of ​​drying yard, which is easily affected by the weather, high manual labor intensity, and easy-to-breed flies, and food hygiene cannot be guaranteed; individual enterprises use coal stoves to dry, and the temperature is high. The quality is poor, the oil production is serious, and the smoky sulfur content exceeds the standard, the color and luster are different, the temperature and humidity are difficult to control, and it needs to be guarded from time to time by labor and it is in the elimination process. Therefore, by simulating the environmental conditions of natural drying, the small fish heat pump dryer was developed and used in the drying process of aquatic products.

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