Continous Conveyor Belt Vegetable Dehydrator - Vegetable Drying Machine

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Vegetable Drying Machine using Conveyor Belt Type Dehydrator

The vegetable drying takes place on ventilated conveyor belts, in this multi-layer conveyor belt vegetable dryer, which is a continuous convective drying processor. The continuous drying process extracting the right amount of dryness for your vegetable. For large-scale vegetable drying, this is the best option.

It works best with drying blocks, granular, strip, and sheet materials.
Kale, onion, garlic, carrot, bitter melon, papaya, pumpkin, sweet potato, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, mushrooms, corn, bell pepper, broccoli, peppers, and many more green vegetables are typical products ideal for the vegetable dehydrator and drier machines.

Continuous Conveyor Belt vegetable drying machine

How does your Conveyor Belt Vegetable Drying Machine Works?

  • The major components of this type of heat pump fruit drier are the heat pump dryer and the drying chamber.
  • It’s a quick, industrial-scale solution for drying large quantities of vegetables.
  • In the dehumidification system, there is heat recovery mechanism that recycles heat to heat new air, saving 60–70% of fresh air preheating energy consumption.
  • To satisfy food-grade regulations, all material touchpoints are composed of 304 stainless steel.
  • To achieve optimal drying efficiency, belt layers (1–5) and mesh belts can be constructed according to individual raw materials and drying conditions.
  • The trolley adopts galvanized square material or stainless steel material, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and convenience to use.

Airtek Topline Food Drying Machines

Here is some Airtek of the heat pump Food Drying Machine. Highly efficient and automated drying system that can expedite your work and drying time.

ginseng root also know as polygonatum, drying process

What to Expect from your Conveyor Belt Vegetable Drying  Machine?

Characteristics of our Vegetable Dryer Machine

  • Use heat pump technology to capture heat from the air while also recovering waste heat.
  • Low power consumption, the overall cost is lower than other fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc.
  • Simple operation, fully automatic operation, saving a lot of labor costs. PLC + Touch Screen control system can simply manage the drying temperature.
  • There are partition sheets and fan motors inside the drying chamber that use the forced ventilation function to ensure a hot air cycle, allowing the raw materials to be dried evenly.
  • The material does not craze, does not deform, is non-discoloring, never degenerates, does not oxidize, dries completely, rehydrates well, and retains nutritious content;
  • 12 months warranty period, any accessories are provided free of charge during the warranty period

How to Dry Vegetable Using Airtek Vegetable Drying Machine

These materials can be Dried using the ordinary Heat Pump Dryer or the Conveyor Belt Type Dehydrator.

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