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Aspiring to Be the Top Distributor of Food Dryers & Dehydrators throughout Asia, Europe & the World.


Airtek as a Leading Food Dryer Machine Manufacturing Company

Is there anything we can do to assist you with your food drying project? We specialize in food drying machines and can provide you with a complete food drying solution.

Customization is possible to fit your specific requirements. Excellent quality. The pricing is reasonable.

Airtek is one of the leading food dryer machine manufacturers in mainland China, Over 8years in the manufacturing industry our team of expert engineers never ceases to improve the machine quality and production capacity.

Using the updated technology we strive to continually prove high-quality food dryers, heat pumps, dehydrators, and dehumidifiers catering to the drying need of your company.

Our food drying machines are in demand in many countries around the world, and continuously producing for countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, North & South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, Germany, Nigeria, Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand and Many More.

Multi-Layer Mesh Belt Food Drying Machine

The drying process takes place on ventilated conveyor belts in this continuous mesh belt food drying machine, which is designed to use a mix of heat and air to quickly dry the material. It’s a quick, industrial-scale option for drying large amounts of food.

The Multi-layer Belt food drying machine is widely used for mass production of continuous drying for sheet, strip pellet material with better ventilation properties, especially for materials that cannot withstand high temperatures, such as dehydrated vegetables and high moisture content herbal pieces. To satisfy food-grade regulations, all material touchpoints are composed of 304 stainless steel.


Dehumidifier Machines

Heat Pump Dryer Machine

The Heat Pump Drying Machine is a completely automated drying solution for a variety of foods, including edible mushrooms, medicine, fish, bacon, fruit and vegetables, tobacco leaf, paper, and incense, among others. It was created with a low running cost and maximum efficiency in mind.

Our Heat Pump Drying Machines use the reverse Carnot principle and a programmed control system to produce the most efficient drying curves as well as a consistent and reproducible end product.

Our Mission & Values

Through our heat pump and dehydrator automation solutions. We can help you solve problems, save time, and create good value of money.


8 years of experience in the drying industry will provide you with support to avoid many mistakes.

Fair Prices

While ensuring product quality, our prices are very reasonable—high-cost performance.

Well-known Brand Parts

All components adopt international brands, such as Schneider, Siemens and so on. The compressor adopts Emerson Copeland, Danfoss, Bitzer, etc.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

1-year warranty. If any accessories need to be replaced, and all are provided free of charge.
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